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We offer end-to-end services for individuals with all levels of bioinformatics expertise, including consulting, access to software packages, and advice regarding the design and analysis of your bioinformatics experiments. Consulting support is coordinated by Shira Rockowitz, PhD, who can engage in-house and external bioinformatics experts.


Examples of projects that already converged successfully with our consulting support include CLIP-seq, single cell RNA-seq, CRISPR library screening and infrastructure projects including website redevelopment and international data systems. Additional types of projects that are supported include (but are not limited to):

  • transcriptomic analysis: bulk RNA-seq, RNA modification sequencing analysis, non-coding RNA-seq, gene fusion analysis, transcriptome variation, alternative splicing

  • whole exome / whole genome sequencing analyses: genome assembly, variant calling, copy number variation

  • microbiome and epigenomics analysis: 16S amplicon sequencing species identification, whole genome shotgun sequencing species identification, protein-DNA interactions (e.g., ChIP-seq peak analysis), methylome analysis (e.g., bisulfite sequencing analysis)


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