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Research Computing

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The Research Computing Desktop Support Team provides remote and on-site support and can assist with or expedite the services listed below. All Pediatric Scholars have access to this technical support, while others can easily enroll to obtain immediate access.

Computer Registration

All users are required to register BCH computers and personal computers that are used on BCH premises. Contact the RC Help Desk at to start this process. At the time of the appointment we can also provide additional information about research computing support at BCH. 

Network Jack Activation

Connecting your devices via Ethernet will increase your internet connection speed. In order to request a port be activated, you can email or call the ISD Help Desk (5-HELP or 617-355-4357) with the jack information written on the face plate (e.g., EN1-146/3). You can also work with the RC Help Desk to fine-tune and troubleshoot connectivity issues.

Wireless Access

Access to the ‘​TCH​’ wireless network is available at all on-campus locations. Please use your BCH login/password to authenti-cate. Keep in mind, your computer will need to be registered before it can properly connect to any BCH network.

Remote Access

Junos Pulse Secure, the VPN client for Macs and PCs, can be downloaded from the BCH VPN webpage, and configured to connect to Grid cards, which are required to establish a VPN connection, can be picked-up from ISD at Fegan 014 during business hours. Web-based VPN is also available and up-to-date instructions are available. The RC Help Desk can assist with troubleshooting.

Email and Calendars

Users should request Office 365 and configure Outlook with their BCH credentials (user name format is:\chXXXXXX). You can also access your email on the ​web​. BCH supplies a general email account and access to set your password and pin. Access through other mail clients is not recommended and is not supported.


Zoom is the approved BCH teleconferencing software. You can find info, guides, and request an account from the internal ​eHelp​ site.


Access to lab printers is via various print servers. Print servers are managed by several teams, so it is best to contact the RC Help Desk for instructions.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists limited to BCH email accounts can be requested by writing to the Help Desk. Please include the group name, which will be appended with a -dl (distribution list) extension. Mailing lists can be used to schedule appointments in Outlook and can be expanded to see the full list of participants. The RC Help Desk can help Pediatric Scholars to set up mailing lists that combine BCH and non-BCH email. A Pediatric Scholar will need to serve as a group administrator and will be responsible for message moderation and group membership.

Computer Purchases

The RC Help Desk can advise with the purchases of new systems. Standard configurations can be further customized to your individual needs.

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